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Oakville, ON

The Best Choice for Your Active Family’s Fun

Welcome to

The best choice for your Active Family's Fun

Welcome to Playcious

Oakville, ON

The Best Choice for Your Active Family’s Fun

Indoor Playground Oakville Activities

Bumper Cars

Playcious in Oakville welcomes children 5 and up to come and enjoy our bumper cars. Bump your way into
excitement! Challenge your family and friends in a game of Bumper Cars Laser Tagging.

Note: Each bumper car comes equipped with seat belts and rubber bumpers to ensure everyone’s safety. The
bumper car arena is under 24hr video surveillance and is always monitored by an attendant.

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Motorized Baby Animals

Playcious is equipped with activities and rides for children of all ages! Our baby animal arena allows children
between the ages of 2 and 6 to take a ride on an artificial animal of its choice and explore the surrounding area.
Note: Each baby animal comes equipped with seat belts for added safety. They are self operated using a foot
pedal and travel at a slow speed, as they were designed for younger children. This area is under 24/hr video

Wall Climbing

Looking for a challenge mixed with the thrill of being “14 feet” to “22 feet” off the ground?! Come to Playcious and climb up our wall climbing structures. We have two uniquely designed structures that are fun, colourful, thrilling and safe for everyone. Challenge your friends and family to a race to the top! Our structures are weighted for adults as well! Parents come and re-explore your youth and challenge your children to a race to the top. Join the fun and stay active!

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Jungle Gym

Playcious Oakville has a uniquely designed 4 storey jungle gym that is filled with multiple interactive activities for children of all ages to enjoy! Our structure is built to meet the highest safety and quality standards and are weighted for adults as well. The jungle gyms are equipped with multicoloured, super-fast slides and a tube slide for the younger children to enjoy. Other activities include a light up ball pit, air-soft blasters and much more!

Toddlers Area

Our toddler area is filled with activities and interactive toys for young explorers to enjoy! The toddler play area is designed to create a safe and playful environment for children ages 1 to 3 or younger. It is protected from the rest of the facility by a soft wall on all sides.

Oakville Toddler area
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Ready for an adventure? Playcious has everything you want for a day of excitement under one roof, including our arcade. Come and explore a wide variety of arcade games and rides for children of all ages. Collect Playcious tickets to redeem prizes! Whether you want to shoot hoops, play some air hockey, race cars, practice your target skills or win some prizes with the big claw, we have something fun for everyone!

Ninja Course

The ninja course is located in our 4 storey jungle gym and is monitored by 24/hr video surveillance. It is maintained daily and serviced weekly to ensure the safety of all children. Although the ninja course is not for adults, our jungle gym is weighted for adults. Feel free to go on up and cheer your children to the finish line!

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