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Privacy Policy

At Playcious, we value our customers and their privacy. Our Privacy Policy is about gathering personal information of customers / visitors who visit our stores and the associated respective websites. So that we could better understand the products and services, we offer to them, through their feedbacks. At the same time, we ensure our commitment to safeguard their privacy by complying with the privacy laws and regulations introduced by the Federal and Provincial Governments of Canada.

Our websites are linked to websites of some other service providers; so, it is important for you to go through the privacy policies of those companies / organizations when you get connected to them. Your visits to our websites and certain sections of them, imply that you accept the terms and conditions of our Private Policy

Personal Information Collected at Our Stores & Websites

The personal information that we collect is comprised of your name, date of birth, mailing address, phone number, and email address. Such information we collect through waivers that every individual or group must sign before entering our facilities either as a walk-in customer / group for general play or as an event (birthday, private party, school or daycare field trip) attending person / group. In addition to that we collect such information through your feedbacks or inputs related to events, which is used to enhance the quality and efficiency of our services and products that we offer to our customers.

Why Does Playcious Collect Personal Information?

We collect our customers / visitors information for the following reasons: 1) to contact them regarding their events, bookings, purchases and related items; 2) to notify them of any changes to their purchases / events that may happen due to some unforeseen reasons; 3) to send them promotional material about our products, services and new events that we offer from time to time; 4) to improve the quality of our products and services based on our customers / visitors feedbacks and inputs.

How Does Playcious Ensure Protection / Security of Personal Information?

We take all matters seriously regarding information security including, but not limited to, any personal, private, or payment related released to us either in person at our facilities or online of your own volition. SSL encryption software is used while receiving and/or transferring payments via our websites. At our facilities, the personal information is kept securely in our computer database, which can only be accessed by authorized employees for business purposes only. Our concerned employees are educated on preventing unauthorized access to customers’ information.

Disclosure of Information

Playcious does not disclose personal information of its customers to third parties except 1) to a few specific companies working directly with Playcious for the delivery of its products and services; 2) to bodies such as, but not limited to, Canadian and/or international regulatory authorities in compliance with their legal requirements for the issues involving criminal/fraudulent activities related to Playcious and its agents, law suites, severe allergic reactions, and so on.


Any information provided by you, as a customer, to Playcious either in person, over the phone, or online is voluntary and thus seen as obtained with your implied consent. In accordance with Canada’s anti-spam ware laws, all information we collect online is required your consent known as “opting in” for newsletters and for placing orders for different services. Any newsletter or promotional email will offer the customer the opportunity to “opt out” for not receiving such emails in future.

Accuracy of Information

As a service provider, we would like to have the most accurate and up-to-date information of all our customers. If there is any change to your personal information, please feel free to contact our reception to record those changes. It will facilitate efficient communication between our facilities and customers.

Video Surveillance

We conduct 24 hours video surveillance at our facilities for security and loss prevention purposes as well as for incident reporting in the event of fraud or any illegal activities. Moreover, Playcious uses the images and information for certain operational purposes, such as measuring traffic flow at our facilities. We may provide footages of video surveillance to law enforcement officials upon a request from them regarding specific incidents.

Playcious may take photos of the facility during regular play hours and may use any pictures taken of your children and/or yourself for promotional use. We don’t sell these photos or give their access to any third party for their commercial or marketing use.


Like many websites, Playcious may also use “Cookies” on its websites. Cookies are small data files that get downloaded to your computers when you browse a website, to keep a record of activities of your past and current visits to those websites. Next time you visit the same website, it will use the cookies to track down the information about what areas (such as what pages you visited, products you viewed, etc.) of the website you visited or viewed in the past. You can turn off cookies from the settings of your web browser; however, certain aspects of the website may not function properly with this setting.

Acceptance of Playcious Privacy Policy

By accessing Playcious websites, you are expressing acceptance of our Privacy Policy and agreeing to the terms and conditions mentioned in each of the sites.


For any inquiries you may contact us at, or phone 905-669-9996.