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At Playcious, we like to think of our playground as exactly where excitement and fun converge. Through play, we grow, we learn, and we discover just what will take us on new adventures in life. By creating an environment that provides the perfect setting for any child to succeed, we provide the foundation for them to reach their true potential.

All our attractions and courses are rooted in promoting regular activity, improving social skills, and providing a place for families and friends to connect together. Fully embracing our proud multicultural Canadian society, we pride ourselves on making Playcious an inclusive and welcoming home for every child to feel like they truly belong.

Promoting unstructured play, and providing fun  filled interactive activities, encourages children to tap into their creativity, engage with others, and become more confident with each and every visit in a safe and supportive environment. Let’s stay active, have fun and create everlasting childhood memories!