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We Try Our Best to Provide Safe Environment

Inside the playground, health and safety are our main priority . That’s why we carefully crafted a series of policies and provisions specifically designed to make sure every child is healthy and safe at all times while in our facility.

Playcious is a PARENT/GUARDIAN (18+) supervised facility. The indoor playground is monitored by our friendly staff and under 24/hr video surveillance. All rides, including the bumper car arena (Oakville) or trampoline park (Vaughan) and wall climbing units are monitored by attendants during operational hours to make sure our Playcious players/guests are playing safe. The facility and the equipment are routinely maintained. The staff is trained and stationed throughout the playground to make sure that safety rules are followed.

Our main goal at Playcious is to ensure that everyone is having fun by staying active, safe and healthy. This is why we put lots of efforts and resources into the cleaning practices for the facility and equipment.

• We take a 15 30 minutes break after every two hours of operation so that the facility can be cleaned and sanitized for the new group of Playcious players/guests coming to play in the facility in the next time slot.
• We have added multiple hands sanitizing stations throughout the facility.


1) If the equipment is being used improperly;

2) If your play is unsafe;

3) If you are disrespectful to others